I also run another company especially for school dance workshops. So if this is what you are after, please take a look at my web site for loads more information!

Zest Dance workshops

Teaching Experience: My background is in performing and teaching dance, and I have been a dance specialist teaching across the UK for the last 17 years. I teach a range of styles to all ages and abilities; from nursery, key stage one, two and three, to GCSE and A-Level dance, and in schools for children with physical and learning difficulties. I teach at schools, nurseries, summer play schemes, theatre schools, youth clubs, gyms, and of course parties!

School Workshops

Health Conscious Kids
Dance is a great way for children to stay fit, active and healthy and it also increases co-ordination, strength and flexibility from a young age. It helps the children to work well together in groups and have fun whilst learning a new skill.


My aim is to offer educational dance workshops as the students learn about the history and background of the chosen dance style and the country it originates. I like to teach different cultural dances to give an all round learning experience involving costume and music from the country the dance originates.


Children love to have fun while learning and things tend to stay in their brain longer while they are enjoying themselves! We all remember an activity we did back at school which has stuck in our mind right? Give the children a day they will always remember.


Please see Zest Dance Workshops for prices of the School Dance Workshops, or call us on 0207 989 0707 where I will be happy to talk through your ideas.

Zest is based in London but I have a fantastic team of dance teachers based around the UK who travel all across the country to deliver dance workshops in schools.

Event Workshops

I can come to your community event, corporate event, village fete or summer fair and do you a fantastic dance workshops. See Children’s Dance Parties or the list below if you need help deciding on a style of dance, otherwise I am very happy to hear your suggestions. I will tailor the workshop’s level depending on who I am teaching on the day so that everyone can keep up, feel a sense of achievement and fun. The length of the workshop is up to you, please Contact Me to let me know what you have in mind and to get a quote.

If you’d like a Bollywood dance workshop then I can also provide jingly coloured hip scarfs and bindis for the participants to wear so they get even more into the swing of it!

Dance Styles

I teach a wide range of styles which you can choose from. Have a look at the descriptions below if you are not sure what style to go for….

Street Dance Everyone loves Street Dance! Dance to the latest tunes in this physical workshop. I incorporate different styles within ‘Street’ dance: hip hop, breakdance, locking and popping and freestyle – which gives you a change to show me your fantastic moves. All the music I use is current but I have made sure the lyrics are suitable for young ears (which is no easy thing these days!).

Bollywood Dance From cheesy Bollywood dance from the movies to high energy Bhangra or intricate Classical Indian dance, the choice is yours. For Bollywood dance workshops I will wear a fantastic costume and I also bring Indian props, jewellery and costumes to show the children. This increases their knowledge of Indian dance and some of them will even get to dress up.

Contemporary Dance is a very creative dance style which can be based around a subject you may be interested in, for example an artist or ‘the sea’. Any theme or topic can expressed through Contemporary Dance, or you can have no theme at all and just enjoy the free flowing physical movement. I can also do contemporary workshops focusing on lifts or contact improvisation.

African Dance Choreographed to loud drum beats I teach a high energy style of African Dance, where the movements tell a story. I also dress up in an Africa inspired costume and bring in African scarves for the participants to wear.

Ballet From simple plies to intricate travelling sequences, I can give you a taster of ballet dance or a graceful yet complex workout. The music I use for ballet is contemporary chart music, which gives it a funky feel and appeals to younger children, and especially boys who may be trying ballet for the first time.

Musicals Pick your favourite show tune and i’ll teach you the dance. The Greatest Showman, Matilda, Oliver, Grease, Lion King, Annie, High School Musical, Chicago, Cabaret….there are so many amazing ones out there to choose from

Physical Theatre A difficult one to define, as physical theatre can be very varied. The form that I teach is very energetic, so be warned, you’ll sweat! I work with props, site specific dance suited around an interesting space, incorporate text or acting and using your body in less expected ways as well as floorwork.

Boys Only Dance I know how hard it can be to get boys to try dance, so I always use familiar chart music as this is often the first hurdle to get them to enjoy it. I would suggest a physical session incorporating street dance, break dance and physical theatre.

Choreography workshops can be based around a theme you choose or simply to help learn the techniques and ‘tricks’ used in making a dance. I have many years experience in choreographing set pieces for GCSE and A Level dance. If you are struggling with choreography for an exam or have ‘dancers’ block’ let me know and I will help!

Salsa Fusion A Spanish partner dance which is great for getting children to work together and increase their team-work skills. We learn the basic Salsa steps combining turns, a little Flamenco, some Samba (which I learnt while training for the Notting Hill Carnival a few years ago) and lots of fun!

Jazz As seen in the musicals of Chicago, Cabaret or Cats, Jazz dance has been popular for decades. Fun and often cheeky, this energetic dance if full of character. If you have a favourite musical or song, let me know and I will choreograph a dance to it especially for you.

Greek dancing was traditionally used to bring together the community at times of celebration. So it is great for getting children to work together as a team, as it is usually performed in a large group or circle with the performers linking on to one another. I bring different styles of Greek dance together which has fantastic intricate foot work, fast changes in direction and can also be very energetic. The music I use has a strong infectious beat.