Online Dance Parties

In lockdown/suck in quarantine? If you friends don’t all live close by, or you can’t find a venue for your party – fear not, the show WILL go on!

Book one of our online dance parties so you don’t miss out on any of the fun

Just because you can physically see your friends, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing party. So we have taken our dance parties online, with lots of different options to keep the good times rolling from the comfort of your home!

An online party is great for all sorts of occasions:

Have a look at our video below, to see how your party would work…

How does it work?

Your party teacher will do a 30min to 1hr Zoom party at a time that is convenient to you (longer parties than 1hr don’t work as well online)

We will send you the Zoom link to join the party, few hours before. Make sure you have Zoom already set up on your computer/tablet or phone.

Zoom is free to use and easy to sign up.

What does it involve?

These online parties are different to our dance parties face to face. In these sessions we will do a quick warm up, and then teach you a dance of your choice.

It will be to a song you can choose, or your favourite dance style. So let us know when booking what you’d like us to teach you. Take a look here for lots of party themes and dance style ideas.

We will make it an appropriate level to the people taking part.

What age do you need to be?

Teaching online is a different kettle of fish to face to face interaction. The participants need to be able to focus on the whole session. So we have found that from 7/8years upwards works best for our online parties.

There is no upper age limit!

How many people can do it?

You choose how many people you would like to join in. From one on one sessions, to 50 people – the more the merrier

Online party option 1: Live dance party

We will teach you live, in a real time.

30min party (best suited for younger children) £50.00 total

45min party £60.00 total

1hr party £70.00 total

Online party option 3: Edited video of your dance to keep

We will pre-record a dance party video. It will have the step by step moves for creating your own dance, which you can learn at home. You choose the song, or the dance style and we will do the rest.

We will edit it into a video, complete with a photo of the birthday girl/boy/bride to be, and animated captions.

You get to keep this and dance along with it time and again.

They make great personalised presents!

Edited personalised video £100.00 total

Take a look at a super fun Star Wars themed online party we did recently for a 7yr old boy…

Contact us today to book in your online dance party

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