Make your own music video

Always dreamt about starring in your very own music video? Well now you can! We have different priced options to suit every budget.

We teach you a dance routine to your favourite song, and our expert film makers capture every jazzy move. They will then edit it to make your own music video – for you to cherish (and show off) forever.

We can either video the whole music video party from start to finish, or we can just focus on the end dance performance – the choice is yours.

A music video party is great for all sorts of occasions:

  • Birthday parties
  • Leaving school parties
  • Bat Mitzvah/Bar Mitzvah celebrations
  • Hen parties
  • Team building fun days

Take a look at Sophia’s party video below for an idea of what yours could look like….

Make sure you watch all the way to the end to see some familiar ‘Strictly’ faces!

Here’s the video of the full music video party:

How much does a music video of my dance party cost?

The costs for the dance teacher on the day are £190 for a 2hr party (we can’t do shorter parties than this as it take time to teach the choreography and perfect the dance, then film from several angles with no dancing mistakes!)

Video Option 1: whole dance party

If you want the whole party filmed as well as the end dance and edited into a lovely video, that is approx £350.00 for the filming work

Video Option 2: just the final dance

If you want just the final dance filmed and edited into your amazing video, it is approx £250.00 for the filming work

(The cost for option 1 is higher than option 2 as it’s a lot more editing work to do the whole 2hr party)


It takes around 2 weeks after the party to get the final edited video to you.

We give the party girl/boy a free copy of the end video, and we can also do copies for all your party friends if you’d like.

If you want a copies for all your friends, that is a cost of £2.00 per DVD. It comes in a nice case with a picture from the party inside.

  • Prices may vary slightly depending on location of the party and if you have any other special requirements, so if you contact us we can give you an exact quote for your party.

Video option 3:  Olivia’s DIY Videos

Dance party creator Olivia has been getting handy learning a little bit of editing.

Your party teacher will take lots of photos and video clips on the day of  the party. Then Olivia will edit it to make a short video for you to keep and share with all your friends!

It costs £25 for this, and we will give you a private link via YouTube a week after your party for you to watch the video.


Or if you want us to make DVDs for all the party guests, that will be £2 extra per DVD and we can post these out to you to distribute to your adoring fans.

Check out these two recent examples of party videos Olivia has made…

Online party videos:

If your dance party is online we can still make you a short video for FREE!

We will record your live party and then edit it to make a short video of the end performance.

We will then give you a link to the video on YouTube for you to share with your friends and family.

In exchange all we ask is that we are allowed to post the video to our webiste and social media. So let us know if you’d like to go for this option.

Here’s an example of a recent Star Wars online party we did for a 7yr old.

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