How much does a Dance Party cost?

The total cost depends on lots of things so it’s hard to give a fixed price now. It depends on the length of your party, how many guests you will have, if I need to bring an assistant, if you want me to do mini makeovers etc.  Please contact me with your enquiry and I will give you a quote for your specific party.

These are our London prices below. If you are far out of London the prices might be slightly higher and there may also be an added cost to cover travel.
For a dance party for up to 20 children:

1 hour party price £130

1.5 hour party price £160

2 hour party price £190

If you have over 20 children I will need to bring an assistant with me which is vital to help things run smoothly. This is an extra cost of £60-80 depending on your location and the length of the party.

For hen parties:

The price depends on if you want me to hire a space to hold the hen party in, your location, how many hens are taking part and how long it will last.

£15.00 per hen (minimum of £100 if you have less than 7 hens)

Prices do not including dance space hire or travel costs if out of London.

For School Dance Workshops

Prices start from £225 for a half day workshop and £350 for a whole day workshop. This doesn’t include travel, but these costs are kept to a minimum.

Please see Zest Dance Workshops for more details

Bat and Bar Mitzvah’s:

These parties are hard to give you a rough cost as there are too many variables! Please get in touch and I can give you more information on prices for your special night.

Please contact me about any type of party with your specific requirements for a tailor made quote.

Where can I have a Dance Party?

Quite simply I will come to you.

I live in North London but I am used to travelling a lot in my job, so I am happy to drive further afield or get a train to your party. All I need is a safe space to fit all the party-goers in. Whether it’s a room or studio you’ve hired, a school hall, a large living room or a sunny back garden. I can fit Dance Parties around you.

I also run parties with my fabulous team of dance teachers. We can come to your party if you live in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol or anywhere in between! There may be an extra charge for travel depending on where you live and how close my teachers are to you, but I will always keep the travel costs to a minimum.

What is involved in a Dance Party?

  • Start with a warm up
  • Play lots of dance games with prizes (suitable for the age range attending)
  • Teach the main dance routine
  • Perform what we have learnt
  • Pose for pictures

Dance is an excellent way for children to keep fit and active. It increases their coordination and confidence and they feel a great sense of personal achievement. When done at a party it is also very inclusive and a great way to promote group participation irrespective of ability, and kids really bond with each other and make new friends.

How long does a Dance Party last?

A party usually lasts from 90 minutes to two hours, but this can be adjusted to suit your needs. I can pop to your party and teach a dance for an hour, or stay for two hours and run the whole party for you – it’s up to you.

I recommend a break in the middle for a drink/party food (as we’ll get pretty hot!) and then do the second half finishing in a performance. If you want to have the party food in the middle then that is included in my time, as long as I get a cheese and pineapple chunk on a stick too – yum.

Will we perform?

Yes, if you want to perform that’s great as it gives a lovely end and climax to your party. Whatever you have learnt, we can do an informal sharing to parents and friends at the end of the party. Feel free to film your little stars.

Will I get Olivia coming to my party?

It depends on the date of your party and if I already have a booking.  I will try to do it but if I am double booked I have lots of other amazing teachers that I send out to do my parties. All my teachers are very experienced with DBS checks, and are fabulous dancers and teachers! Most are female, but if you’d prefer a male teacher let me know.


I will bring my own music and loud speakers with me. All my music is suitable for young ears with no swearing.

How old do the participants have to be?

The youngest I do is six years old and I can go to as old as you want – dance is for everyone! I tailor the dance to the specific party and make the material suitable for that age group, a six year old party will be very different to a 15 year old one, or a hen party.

What do I wear for a dance party?

Anything comfortable to dance in. Or you could do a fancy dress theme for example Pop stars, Disney or Disco! We will also come dressed up in your chosen theme, so let me know what it is so we can raid our wardrobes…

Do you do makeovers for the children?

Yes we can do mini make overs for the children if you would like. This usually happens at the start of the party as the guests are arriving.

Mini makeovers for the girls include: spakly makeup and a metalic temporary tattoo.

Mini Makeovers for the boys include: Temporary tattoos

For up to 20 children £10

For over 20 children £15

When and how do I pay for a party?

I ask for a deposit when you book your party of usually £50.00, this secures your party date. A bank transfer is an easy way to pay. I require the balance on the day of the party, in either cash, cheque or a bank transfer.

Social Media and taking photos

We do love to take a group photo at the end of our dance parties, and some of these may go onto our Facebook page and Twitter (@DPDancer) as there is no better advertising then seeing children having fun at our parties. But of course we realise not everyone wants to be on social media, or you may be camera shy. So please tell me before the party and I will make sure no pics are taken.

If you want to take your own pics of us in action that’s fine, we are right posers! Be sure to tag ‘Dance Parties’ though if you do.

Do you provide party bags?

Sorry I don’t provide party bags.

Insurance and DBS checks

Every teacher who works for Dance Parties has dance insurance which covers participants  in our care, and we also all have a current DBS checks. We can bring these documents to your party if you require it, just ask.