Dance Styles

Street Dance

Dance to the latest tunes in this physical workshop. I incorporate different styles: hip hop, breakdance, locking and popping, and freestyle.


From cheesy Bollywood dance from the movies to high energy Bhangra or intricate Classical Indian dance, the choice is yours.


Contemporary Dance is a very creative dance style which can be based around a subject you may be interested in, for example an artist or 'the sea'.


African Dance Choreographed to loud drum beats I teach a high energy style of African Dance, where the movements tell a story.


From simple plies to intricate travelling sequences, I can give you a taster of ballet dance or a graceful yet complex workout.

Musical Theater

Pick your favourite show tune: The Greatest Showman, Matilda, Oliver, Grease, Lion King, Annie, High School Musical, Chicago, Cabaret....

Physical Theatre

Physical theatre can be very varied. The form that I teach is very energetic, so be warned, you'll sweat!

Boys Only Dance

I know how hard it can be to get boys to try dance! A physical session incorporating street dance, break dance and physical theatre, set to familiar chart music.


Choreography workshops can be based around a theme you choose or simply to help learn the techniques and 'tricks' used in making a dance.

Salsa Fusion

A Spanish partner dance which is great for getting children to work together and increase their team-work skills.


As seen in the musicals of Chicago, Cabaret or Cats, Jazz dance has been popular for decades. Fun and often cheeky!


Traditionally used to bring together the community at times of celebration, Greek dancing is great for getting children to work together as a team.

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