Dance parties for grown-ups!

Hen parties, wedding dances & party entertainment

Hen parties

A perfect event for that exciting day with the girls, we can make your hen party an event to remember!

Pick your dance style, song or theme and we can tailor the hen party to your needs. If you need inspiration take a look at our Party Themes page for the style of dance you could choose, but I’m sure you already have something in mind.

We can book you a dance studio or come to your home and teach you a dance worthy of strutting on the dance floor later that night!

We can even film the end dance if you want, and we can put it on You Tube (private link), for all the girls to have a giggle over later!

It’s great fun, but don’t just take our word for it, check out the video below for evidence of lots of hens enjoying themselves….

How long?

Our hen parties usually last an hour and a half but this can be longer or shorter depending on what fits in with your day.


We can book a studio for you, or we can come to your chosen venue. We are based in London but we also do hen parties around the UK, so we are happy to travel to you, to make your hen party unforgettable!

What song should you choose?

Think of the brides’ favourite song of all time (her guilty pleasure) or her favourite musical. As long as it has a good beat and is quite fast, we will choreographing something suitable. Previous memorable hen parties include:

  • Dirty Dancing
  • The Greatest Showman
  • Bollywood
  • Lady Ga Ga
  • Michael Jackson
  • Beyonce
  • Britney Mania

What do you wear?

Anything comfortable. Gym or dance clothes and trainers are advisable (kick off those high heels).

You can even dress up to match the theme of the song you have chosen to dance to – Imagine 15 girls all dressed up as Madonna dancing to Vogue… Or you could all wear one colour to really make it look like a sexy music video.

What if you can’t dance?

Our job is to teach you how to dance, so leave the worrying behind. Our hen party teachers are very experienced and will go at your pace to help you master it all. We’re here to have fun, and we’ll soon have you feeling confident and strutting your stuff on the dance floor.

How much?

The price depends on how long the party is, how many hens are taking part and if you want us to hire a studio for you. Have a look at our prices for a rough idea, but the best thing is to contact us and we can give you a quote specific to your needs.

“I booked a surprise Britney Spears Hen Party as my best mate is obsessed with her! Olivia taught us a fantastic routine and we all had a great time. Looking forward to performing it at the wedding….”
Stacey (Bridesmaid)

Wedding Dances

Getting married and worried about the first dance?

Feel and look confident in front of your guests with some simple dance moves that will help make that first dance one to remember.

Choose your song and we can create a dance you are both happy with. No more swaying, treading on each other’s toes and looking embarrassed!

We can come to your home and do a one off session, or a series of sessions leading up to the wedding. If you want a full on choreographed dance or just some basic moves, it’s up to you.

You can also have more people involved, we can choreograph for groups of any size. We have even done a secret groom and ushers dance to surprise the bride, which she totally loved….

“Joanne showed us simple and easy to follow dance steps. She gave us the confidence to make our first dance truly magical!”
Joanna Burnett-Sharpe (Bride)

Birthday Parties/Events

Dance Workshops

If you love to dance, why not have a dance party at your grown up birthday party? We cater for adults as well as children – as why do the nippers get to have all the fun?

Want to learn the ‘Moon Walk’ or see if you can remember how to do  the ‘Running Man’ again?

To help get all your friends up on the dance floor, we can come to your party and do a dance workshop (usually around 45mins), teaching you and your mates a short, simple dance to a song of your choice.

It’s great fun and will certainly make your party one to remember.

Prices start from £150 – depending on location and travel. See the Prices page for more info

Dance Performances

Or why not have some entertainment at your party? Bollywood Vibes Dance Company are amazing professional dancers who can perform for you and your guests.

We can also lead Bollywood dance workshops to get everyone onto the dance floor.

Take a look at our Performances page to find out what we can offer to dazzle you with, or check out the Bollywood Vibes website.

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