Have you ever wanted to dance like Little Mix, or can imagine yourself in The Greatest Showman owning the stage? Do you love dance and want to learn how to strut your stuff like a pop star? Every superstar has an amazing choreographer, and here at Dance Parties I teach all the latest funky moves – in your own home, at your party, or at your event!

I am based in London so most of my parties are in or around London. But if you are further away let me know – I may still be able to come to you!

The youngest age for dance parties I do is 6yrs old, and there is no upper age limit!

Have a look at some of my previous dance parties to get an idea of all the fun we have….

Your Dance Party

  • At the party we start with a warm up and play lots of dance games. If you have a favourite game just let me know, or if you are too old to play games, i’ll take the hint!
  • Next I will teach the main dance that you have chosen – see below for some ideas, or let me know your favourite song.
  • We’ll usually have a drink or food break in the middle – depending on the length of your party.
  • Then we’ll have a quick brush up of the moves and perfect our Moon Walk before the performance… It doesn’t matter who is there to watch, a few or many parents/older brothers and sisters/Simon Cowell – they’ll all be dying for a look!

I will leave you with a CD of your music and I can also film your final dance to put on You Tube if you like, so you can show all your friends how fabulous you were!

Where will the party be?

I am based in London but I am happy to travel further afield to make your party fantastic. All I need is a safe space to fit all the party-goers in. Whether it’s a room or studio you’ve hired, a school hall, a large living room or a sunny back garden. I can fit Dance Parties around you.

How much will your party cost?

The parties cost different prices depending on the length, location, or any extra you might want to add. Have a look at my FAQ page which will answer many questions about the parties and prices, or Contact me to get in touch about anything else you’d like to know.

Creating your own unique Dance Party

Here at Dance Parties I’ll work with you to design your perfect party. Choose the style of dance you want, or the theme of the party, or your favourite song, and I can choreograph a fabulous dance especially for you! If you are not sure on the style of dance to go for, take a look at my dance workshops page for a description of each style.

Popular ideas

Here are a few popular ideas to whet your appetite…but please let me know if you have your own!

Choose a style of dance you’d like (here are a few popular ideas…)

  • Street Dance
  • Bollywood
  • Line Dancing
  • Musical Theatre
  • Disco

Or get creative and think of your own theme (here are a few ideas…)

  • Pop Stars
  • The Greatest Showman
  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • Musicals
  • Mamma Mia

Choose a favourite group/song  (here are a few ideas…)

  • Katy Perry
  • Uptown Funk
  • Little Mix
  • Justin Bieber
  • Rita Ora

The possibilities are endless…Let your inner Rock God or Pop Princess out and go wild!