Children’s Dance Parties

How does it work?

Our children’s dance parties are all about having fun with your friends, becoming the star of the show, and having a good dance!

Have you ever wanted to dance like Little Mix, or can imagine yourself in The Greatest Showman? Do you just love to dance and want to learn how to strut your stuff like a pop star?

You can choose the dance style or party theme for your perfect Children’s dance party.

Every superstar has an amazing choreographer, and here at Dance Parties we teach all the latest funky moves – in your own home, at your party, or at your event!

Dance Parties is based in London. But if you are further away let us know – I’m sure we will still be able to come to you.

Online Parties!

We are now offering all our parties online – so wherever you are in the country, we can still provide a party for you on Zoom (or any other online platforms). Check out our Online Dance Parties page for all the info.

The youngest age for dance parties we do is 6 years old, and there is no upper age limit!

Have a look at our showreel below to see some of our previous dance parties in action – to get an idea of all the fun that we have….

The dance party plan

  • We start with a warm up and play lots of dance games. These will be suited to the age of the children attending
  • We bring some mini prizes to hand out in the games
  • We can do mini makeovers at the start of the party if you want. These includes eyeshadow, glitter face sparkles, and metalic temporary tattoos, or cool tattoos for the boys. (This is an extra cost, see the Prices page for info)
  • Next we teach the main dance to a song which you have chosen – see below for some ideas, or let us know your favourite song or dance style
  • We’ll usually have a drink or food break in the middle – (you to provide this) depending on the length of your party
  • Then we’ll play another few games and perfect our Moon Walk, before doing the end performance… It doesn’t matter who is there to watch, a few parents/older brothers and sisters/Simon Cowell – they’ll all be dying for a look!

Where will your dance party be?

We are based in London but we am happy to travel further afield to make your party fantastic. Whether it’s a room or studio you’ve hired, a school hall, a large living room or a sunny back garden. We can fit our children’s dance parties around you.

How much will your party cost?

The parties cost different prices depending on the length, location, or any extra you might want to add. Have a look at our FAQ page which will answer many questions about our parties and prices, or Contact us to get in touch about anything else you’d like to know.

Creating your own unique dance party

Here at Dance Parties we’ll work with you to design your perfect party. So let’s have a chat through some ideas to create your bespoke party, so that on the day you can sit back and enjoy it all with no stress.

Popular ideas for dance parties

Head over to the Party Themes page for loads of popular themes to whet your appetite…or please let us know if you have your own idea!

Contact us to book a dance party!

The possibilities are endless. Let your inner Rock God or Pop Princess out and go wild!

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