Bar Mitzvah Entertainment

Do you have a Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah coming up and want to create something special? Our Bar and Bat Mitzvah entertainment packages will provide just that.

Be the star of the show

We’ll come and teach you and a group of your best friends a dance to perform on your special night.

Everyone will be talking about it for years to come! Choose your dance style, or tell us your favourite song for the dance. We will then come to you before the event, to teach you and your friends your own fabulous dance routine.

For some inspiration for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah entertainment, have a look at Children’s Dance Parties, or Contact us with your ideas.


Take a look at our showreel below of some of the fun Bat and Bar Mitzvah’s we have danced at…


To teach you the dance, we usually need a few rehearsals  a few weeks before the event. These would last one and a half hours each.

If possible a top up rehearsal (of about an hour), is great to have, a few days before/on the day of the event.

We can provide you with a copy of the music to practice with. We can take a video of your rehearsal for you, so that you and your friends can practice with it in the run up to the big day.


On the day/night of your Bat/Bar Mitzvah your dance party teacher will come to your venue and do a short rehearsal. This is to get you ready to give the performance of your lives!

Your teacher will be there with you on the night, sending you good luck vibes and helping from the side!

Disco Dancers

We can also provide professional dancers for the disco part of your night. They show simple steps to inspire the younger party goers, and grab the adults up onto the dance floor too.

They will hand out the goodies for you (glow sticks etc) and do mini competitions with prizes – anyone for Limbo?!

The dancers work in pairs, and we can provide two female dancers or a male and a female, just let us know what you’d prefer.

“Thank you for making Ellie’s Bat Mitzvah at the Lexi Cinema so special. From the second both of your dancers walked in the whole atmosphere changed and was completely magical. Everyone from the 60 year olds to the 6 year olds thought you were both fabulous and no one wanted the dancing to stop.”
Kate Mishcon (Mum)

Israeli Dancing

Our dancers can also lead the Israeli dancing on the night. They can can give a brief demonstration or just muck in and help guide the way!


Please look at the FAQ page for more information on prices as all of our packages are bespoke.

Professional Performance

Or perhaps you’d like some dancers to come and do a performance? Our sister company Bollywood Vibes has performed in front of thousands. Or if Bollywood is not your thing, tell us what you would like and we will perform a dance of your choice. See the party themes page for ideas of dance styles we could do for you.

Be the star of the show

Ever dreamt of being in a pop group or being a backing dancer? Why not be in a professional dance performance and be a star for the night! All you need to do is choose a song, turn up for a rehearsal (with some of our lovely dancers) and we’ll teach you the moves to wow all your friends!

Dance Workshops

Or maybe you’d like a short dance workshop to get all your friends up? We’ll have you boogying on the dance floor, and competing in a dance off!! Have a look at our Workshops or Party themes page for more ideas. You can choose the song, and we will lead a dance workshop for you on the night (imagine seeing your little brother/Gran learning moves to a Beyonce song – hilarious)!

Please Contact us for more details

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