TikTok dance parties

If you can’t stop watching TikTok dance videos and have a slight addiction, you are not alone!

Hours wizz by as you watch creative people sharing their dances online. So why not learn some yourself with one of our TikTok dance parties?

Party Plan

Length of party

Our parties range from 30mins to two hours, so you can choose which length of our TikTok dance parties is best for you.

The more time we have with you the more you will get to learn!

Take a look at our Children’s Dance Party page for more info.

Make your own video

We can make a cool video of your party if we are face to face, or even if you are having an online party – see here for lots of info

Contact Us

So please get in touch for prices, more info and if you want to make a booking. We can’t wait to bring our TikTok dance parties to you!

TikTok dance parties
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