Star Wars Party

May the force be with you with a Star Wars party!

Our Star Wars party theme is really popular for all those Star Wars or Mandalorian obsessed people out there!

We taught an online party recently for a Star Wars obsessed 7yr old’s birthday. Our online parties are great for children (or adults) wanting to get together still and celebrate a party but finding themselves in lockdown.

That’s where we step and slide in, for all the fun.

Our dance party teacher donned her Princess Leia buns and a cloak, and checked the batteries of her lightsaber. She was good to go…

Star Wars party

She taught a few fun Star Wars themed dance games to get the children used to her and feeling comfortable online.

The birthday boy loves Lady Gaga so we taught a dance routine to her song ‘Bad Romance’.

We invited the parents to watch the final dance performance. As you can see in the video below they got a lovely round of applause at the end!

We can do a Star Wars party for you – or any dance theme or style you choose – the possibilities are endless, just like the galaxy!

If you need more info on how they work, please see our Online Dance Parties page.

If you consider yourself a Star Wars fan, have you checked out their official website?

So please get in touch with us today to book your party in. Chewbacca can’t wait to hear from you 😉

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