Aladdin dance parties

Our Aladdin dance parties transport you on a magical carpet ride to an exotic land of

magic and wonder…

Themed games


We bring small prizes for the games.

Not everyone will get a prize, but we make sure everyone will get a sticker or a sweet at some point in the games. All the sweets are suitable for vegetarians.

The birthday girl/boy will always get a prize, as well as a card at the end of the party from their dance party teachers

Dance routine

You can choose your favourite song from the film and we will choreograph a dance especially for you.

We will tailor it to the age of the children attending, so it’s the perfect level for everyone. We do a performance of the song at the end of the party, to any parents, friends and family that are around.
Children work really well under pressure, and the end dances always look great. People are always commenting on how much we can get taught in a short space of time.

Dressing up

You don’t have to dress up for our parties…. but it’s more fun if you do!
Aladdin has some great costume ideas, and here’s some dressing up inspiration for you.
We love getting into the swing of it, so we always theme our outfits to the party. Take a look at our two teacher’s exotic Aladdin outfit in the pics below.

Costumes we provide

For our Aladdin dance parties we bring in some costumes for children to wear, so that everyone can dress up if they wish:

  • Colourful belly scarves – these are tied in different ways for girls and boys
  • Colourful Bindis for the head. These are safe for children.
The Mum from this party left us a fab testimonial: “Our daughter is obsessed with the Aladdin film. So having some real life Princess Jasmine’s teach her and all her friends a dance from the film really made her party unforgettable! Thank you so much x ” 

So if you fancy your own Aladdin themed party, get in touch with us today, and we can make all your dreams come true x

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