Frozen dance parties

Wow, our Frozen dance parties are back with a bang!

The Frozen films have definitely captured the hearts of thousands of children – they are obsessed!

We did loads of Frozen themed parties back in 2013 when the original film came out, and now with the new Frozen 2 film in the cinemas, we already have loads of party bookings coming in. We are loving it all over again – almost as much as the children (shhhh)

What you can expect from a Frozen dance party

  • We paint a snowflake on every child using face paint and glitter
  • Dance warm up using songs from the Frozen soundtracks
  • Games based on the Frozen story and characters from the films (we provide small prizes and stickers)
  • Main dance routine to a Frozen track of your choice
  • Your show-stopping performance at the end of the party to family!
  • The birthday girl/boy gets a card and present to keep ​

Add in an arts and crafts activity

  • We can also add in an arts and crafts activity to your party
  • Everyone makes snowflakes to use as a prop for the main dance!
  • We provide all the materials for it
  • Protective floor mat
  • A snowflake which is pre cut
  • Coloured pens to make your design
  • Glue and of course glitter to give it some sparkle

This activity is only suitable for parties which are 1.5 or 2hrs long, as it takes around 20mins to do

The cost to add in this activity to the party is £1.50 per child and you get to take your snowflake home at the end of the party

If you have heard the original song a few too many times, here's a clip of a dance we did to a funky dance version of 'Let it gooooo'!

Contact us today and we can help plan your perfect Frozen dance party!

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