Pony Party!

Pony riding and dancing – two of our favourite things in the world in one amazing party!!

When we were asked to teach a Line dance themed party at a riding stable we ‘jumped’ at the chance (get it?). The party was for a 6yr old girl and 15 of her friends at a riding stables in West London. The girls were riding the ponies first, and then groomed them – brushing their coats and putting ribbons in their manes and tails.

Then our party teacher (dressed up as a cowgirl obviously!) came in to play horse themed dance games and do a Pinata with them, before teaching a Line dance to some upbeat Country Music. Yee Harrr! They all had a brilliant time dancing before settling down to a lovely lunch.

This will always be a party we will fondly remember (and I might actually do it for my next birthday party!…)

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