Bollywood dance parties

Bollywood dance has long been a really popular dance style, and we love teaching our Bollywood dance parties. The music is great, you get to dress up, and it's equally fun for boys as well as girls!

Our Bollywood dance parties include:

  • We bring costumes for everyone to wear. Coined scarves and gold ‘medals’ to wear, and sparkly Bindis for your face
  • Energetic warm up to the latest Bollywood songs
  • Teaching traditional Mudras (hand positions)
  • Bollywood themed games (we provide small prizes and stickers for everyone)
  • You choose the Bollywood song and we will teach you the main dance routine
  • Performance of the dance at the end to family and friends
  • A card and small gift for the birthday girl/boy

For a more detail account of a Bollywood party, we’d like to introduce you to the Pink Bollywood Flamingos! We were invited to Vivian’s 9th birthday party to do a Bollywood themed party, as she had always wanted to try Bollywood dancing with her friends.

We arrived at the Arts Theatre in Cambridge, bright and early and looking forward to the party. The mum bought pink costumes for all the nine girls, which matched our pink costumes perfectly. The girls even renamed us all the ‘Pink Bollywood Flamingos’!

Professional Dancers

They wanted to have some performances from professional dancers at the party. So we took three dancers along for the party, from our sister dance company Bollywood Vibes. They perform at events at across the UK, as well as teaching loads of dance workshops – so we had a great team for this party.


At the start of the party we got the girls dressed in their costumes, then put the Bindis on them to complete the sparkly fun look.

We started off with a short Bollywood performance from us 4 professional dancers to show the mini dancers what they were going to be learning – and they loved it!

Dance games and a Bollywood routine

We then did a Bollywood warm up with them, and played lots of Indian themed dance games before starting to teach the main dance routine. They were really fast learners and great dancers.


Some parents (and staff from the theatre!) came back at the end of the party as they were all dying to have a look at the end dance performances.

Us pro’s did a second short performance for everyone, followed by the girl’s Bollywood dance. They were all fantastic and blew us away with their energy and enthusiasm.

We had sooo many hugs from everyone after that they were almost late for their birthday lunch!

It was such a fun party to be part of, we loved it. Take a look at some of the party pics below.

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