Street Dance Party

Hope you enjoyed that video of a Street dance party. It was for a brother and sister who wanted a joint party – Eve who was turning 6, and Sam turning 4. We don’t usually do 4yr old parties – but we made an exception as Sam REALLY loves dance!

They wanted a Street dance party to appeal to all the children coming to the party. So we chose Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ for the main dance routine, which all the kids love.

There were around 50 children coming to the party which is a lot given there were mixed ages too. So as well as the main teacher Olivia, we had the help of one of our wonderful assistants Yinka. She’s a professional dancer as well as being really experienced at teaching dance, and running parties for us.

Party Plan

  • We started the party by doing temporary tattoos on everyone as they arrived
  • Eve had requested the Limbo game, so we made sure she had plenty of goes at that
  • We also did a boys and a girls pass the parcel as well as lots of funky musical statue games
  • Teaching the main dance was fun, and we gave different options for the different ages children based on their ability
  • We performed the dance at the end to the parents. The 6yr old’s rocked it, and the less dancy 4yr olds were mostly happy dancing around us and playing in the soft play area!

We made a little video of the whole party (see above), and check out the pics below of some of our other Street dance parties. Head to the gallery if you want to see loads more..

Please get in touch to find out how we can create an amazing party for your big day

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