Diya’s Bollywood party

Rarely do I have such a talented bunch of dancers – their performance was epic! Diya wanted a Bollywood theme for her 8th birthday and it was a pleasure from start to finish. The girls were so keen to dance, we hardly played any of the games I had planned! I had Krupa as my assistant and we started the party by dressing up the girls in my belly scarfs and bindis, and during their lunch break myself and Krupa did our own short Bollywood dance performance for the girls. Then I taught them a dance to the dramatic song Negada. We ended the party with their performance to the parents, and as you can see from this video – they got a really long dance done and look totally brilliant.
Such a great party to do, i’m still buzzing from it!

Check out the video here:

Diya 11Diya 8Diya 12

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