Cheerleading Party

For Elisheva’s 10th birthday party she wanted a Cheerleading party theme, so her wish was our command!

All her friends already had their own pom poms which was great. Our Cheerleading party teacher Steph taught them this dance to the catchy ‘Hey Mickey’ song.

Take a look at their end dance, we love it and think they all did really well!

What happens at a cheerleading party?

Warm up

A warm up is really important, especially when doing cheerleading as it’s really energetic and we don’t want any injuries.

We don’t do acrobatics in our Cheerleading parties, as it’s too dangerous not in a proper gym. But if you have some tricks already, i’m sure we can fit them into the routine!


We will play lots of physical dance games at the start. This is so everyone can get used to the teacher, and each other.

We will do a pom pom game doing a special cheer for the birthday girl/boy, spelling out their name!

Cheerleading party dance routine

We will teach a dance routine to a fast song of your choice, using the pom poms all the way through it to add colour and excitement.

We finish off the party by performing the end routine to family and friends.


Let us know your favourite song and we will choreography the cheerleading party dance to that. Make sure it’s a fast one!

Pom Poms

We don’t provide pom poms so we need everyone to already have one.

Or if that’s not possible, we can make them at the party in a fun craft activity. We can teach you how to do it in easy steps and it takes around 30mins, so you need to leave enough time in your party for this activity.

Things you will need to provide:

If you want this pom pom craft activity let us know and we can talk you through how it works in more detail.

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