Strictly Come Dancing Parties

So the latest trend with our children’s dance parties is ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Parties – we are inundated with them! Loads of kids love watching the popular show and it clearly inspires them to do lots of dance.

They are great fun to do and we play lots of Strictly Come Dancing themed games as well as teach a main dance routine for the end performance. 

What Strictly games do we play?

One game is in small groups and the children make up their own short dances to go with the Strictly theme tune which is great fun. We also play a dance games where Strictly pictures are stuck in the four corners of the room and you have to dance to the correct corner before you get eliminated! 

We provide small prizes and stickers for the party games.

Dance styles for the main routine

The dance style we do for the main routine is up to you to pick, as there are so many Strictly Come Dancing dance styles to choose from. Fast dances are good to do, so if you are a fan of Ballroom dance we suggest you go for something like Jive, the Cha Cha Cha or a Samba. Or if you love Street dance we can do a funky routine for you. Just let us know what you decide and we will choreograph an amazing dance for you.

End performance

At the end of the party we then perform the main dance to parents who will be wearing the Strictly come dancing masks, so they look like the judges, and we have Strictly score paddles, just like on the show, ….so let’s hope we all score 10’s!! 

We can also do a Strictly Come Dancing Party for Adults, for example for a hen night or a birthday party. If you fancy one, get in touch!
Have a look at our Party Themes page for other fun dance party ideas.

Olivia and birthday girl posing with a big disco ball
Strictly Come Dancing themed props
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