‘One Pound Fish’ video!

I was asked to style the music video for the ‘One Pound Fish’ song! I had 6 lovely dancers to dress and style using the costumes and jewellery from my Bollywood Dance company (Bollywood Vibes). We had a great day at Three Mills Studio in East London and we all worked really hard. It is a very catchy song and it got well and truly stuck in all our heads! We were hoping for Christmas No. 1, but it only made it to No. 28 which is still pretty great for an unknown fish seller from Upton Market. But what is incredible is that the video has got 12millions views on You Tube so far!!

Michael Fish was making a guest appearance in the video and all the dancers were like “Who’s he?”, but me being a (little) bit older than them was very excited to meet him! They wanted lots of people to be in the last scene….so if you look very closely you can see little old me in a stripy top dancing behind Mr One Pound Fish! Ha ha ha… my highlight of 2012?


Here is the finished video….

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